About us

Nice to meet you,
we are Crocus Labs

What we do

We are a Potsdam and Berlin based VC backed startup. We designed a smart LED-lighting system fully customised for the indoor farming market. It massively reduces energy consumption without compromising the crop quality & yield. With 15+ years in semiconductor & LED innovation and agriculture, we bring full spectrum and efficient light to vertical farms and greenhouses.

Our Product

  • 20% less energy consumption.
  • Flexibility & crop diversity.
  • 30% increased energy effect LED technology.
  • Fully remote farm management.

Where we are today

  • Developed and tested 2 product generations: MVP & GEN 0.
  • Two commercial projects: strawberry grower & basil.
  • Multiple internal crop tests including pepper, stevia, etc.
  • European Innovation Commission grant in June 2022.
  • Closing Seed round in September 2022.

We bring not only a full spectrum of light!
but a full spectrum service offer

Explore some of our amazing services below

We are a tech company with a hardware in the heart
ready to launch in 2025



The Product

5 channel lighting system using unconventional power conversion and cloud connectivity



The Product

4 channel lighting system using custom built and off the shelf power conversion units along with digital control via App



The Product

Lighting with off the shelf LED chips and proprietary power conversion unit. An app for the remote control




Additional 10% higher energy efficiency proprietary LED chips MVP

Dashboards capturing energy consumption and sensor data




Automatic tunability 20% higher energy efficiency proprietary LED chips MVP

First full digital twin offer (pilot)

We believe in steady growth together with our partners

Initial Assessment

A template for the customer to fill in- general info about the facilities and priorities.

Scope of Work

Based on the initial assessment and a follow up discussion with the tech team.

Facility Assessment

Crocus’ engineers to assess client’s facility.

Pilot Part 1

Up to 3 liminaires to install at customer’s facilities to conduct the AB testing with another luminair Minimum duration: 3 months or 2 growth cycles.